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I love this but I don't like the foreshadowing AT ALL
Sun Quan with Sword
Perhaps, to you, he was being heartless.
However, he acted out of love and faithfulness to the world.

He is a hero.

I know
you thought he betrayed you,
and so you took it to heart.

But the fault was not his,
and nor were you not good enough;
your feelings for him were not in vain either---

Because the one whom you have loved
is a true man, a hero of an indomitable spirit.

And even to this day,
his love for you
has not wavered one bit.


Episode 28.

Forgive me, Papa Yang! I fell for the damned screenwriters' red herring! Oh, me of little faith, how could I have ever doubted your love for Mama Yang, even for a fraction of a second?

I had faith in Papa up until that duel near the end. Oh, the relentless screenwriters! 

When Mama's highschool sweetheart showed up a few episodes ago and went with her to war, I thought, this is fine, Papa is noble-hearted and loves Mama and they have 8 kids already and this is just going to be one of those aww-it-didn't-work-out things. Mama might reminisce a bit and go "ah we were such kids then, what did we know".

When Lady Doc told Four that Cui told her that Mama liked her ginger tea really sweet, I thought, Mama might just go, "Ah, Papa, that puppy, he's not careful with little things like this, but he's awesome in all these seventy-seven bajillion ways."

Even when Mama snuck out and spent the night at her old flame's, I thought, when Papa finds out that Mama was just looking for Seven, he'll be ok with it. He's an understanding kind of guy. (Even when Four was all awkward in that conversation with Papa, I thought, Hah nice try, you're not going to fool me! Papa really meant it when he was all surprised and went "Of course I'm talking about Seven, what did you think I was talking about?")

And even even even when Papa and Cui walked out together all serious-like and Four was all antsy and worried, I was convinced that it's just happenstance, and that they're probably going out to discuss military operations or whatnot.

I started to get a bit nervous when Papa and Cui were standing somewhere in the wilderness and Papa started asking Cui about his relationship with Mama. But I told myself, no, it's going to be ok, Cui will tell Papa everything and Papa won't have a problem with it because he loves Mama and he's that awesome.

But then when the camera shifted to their weapons standing in the ground, I started going "ohshitohshitohshit."

And when Mama ran up and found them locked in a duel, I screamed.

Damn you damn you damn you screenwriters how could you have made me doubt the incredibly awesome Papa Yang?

Anyway, of course Papa was not jealous of the Cui dude. He's waaaaaaaaaaaay beyond that. The whole reason he had Cui go to a deserted place to have a tête-à-tête was all because he knew that Mama never quite got over Cui leaving her without a word, and so he wanted to make Cui tell him the truth so that he could tell Mama and help her resolve the issue and feel better.

Oh, how can you be so noble and loving, Papa??

And the truth was that, after Mama started dating Cui, one day Cui got news of the whereabouts of his old classmate Tianling, the crazy evil sorcerer who murdered his own teacher and went off to do horrible evil things to people. As Cui had vowed before his teacher's grave to rid the world of this menace, he chose to sacrifice his own happiness and forsake love, out of a sense of obligation to serve the greater good.

And then he said that thing at the top of this post and which makes me break down and become totally incoherent.

Obviously, it takes someone who's incredibly secure to praise a love-rival's love for his spouse. And, as Mama remarked, the fact that Papa asked all those embarrassing and awkward questions of a guy is testimony many times over of how deeply in love Papa is with her.

But what completely pierced my heart and made me bawl and bawl was the double-meaning, implication---or what you will---of that speech. When taken solely in this context, he is praising Cui and telling Mama not to regret her love for a different man and that is all noble and wonderful.

But given the ending of this story which I am still in denial of it won't happen it won't happen it won't happen---

Isn't this exactly what he would like to have said of himself at the end?

Oooooohhhhh... typing this makes me all sobby again.

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