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YWotYC detox--aka, when LW learns to embed videos
Sun Quan with Sword
Went cold-turkey on Young Warriors of the Yang Clan a couple of days ago. Needed to reclaim my life. (And also to let the Yangs be happy together for a bit more. I know the only bad thing in ep 29 is Pan Ying (die freak die!) but I'm still content to wallow in the happiness achieved in ep 28.)

I reclaimed my life, got some RL work out of the way... just to lose that life again when I inadvertently found out how insanely Three Kingdoms has been slashed by Chinese netizens. MVs exist for all kinds of pairings: Cao Cao/Chen Gong, Cao Cao/Xun Yu, Cao Cao/Liu Bei, Cao Cao/Emperor Xian (ok I admit that one is too disturbing even for me to watch), Liu Bei/Zhao Yun, Liu Bei/Zhuge Liang... and of course in Wu/Southland everyone is slashed with everyone else.

I'm not really into slash fiction but some of these MVs are really beautiful.

Here's is one that I love best. Featuring what's one of my favourite Cantopop songs now and also the most beautiful and heart-wrenching moments of Wu history. In order of appearance: Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan (the grown-up Sun Quan is every bit as cute and smart and delectable (??) as baby Quan), Zhou Yu, Lu Su, Lu Meng, and Lu Xun (the four generations of Grand Commanders of the Southland... ah, the curse of early deaths in the Southland!).

Sun Quan/Zhou Yu (again, unrequited---Zhou Yu's heart is forever with Sun Ce, and he's too proud to adjust his vision to match Sun Quan's. But Sun Quan really needs Zhou Yu's service as the latter controlled the entire Southland military... makes for one heck of a (political) relationship).

And of course nothing is perfect without some Sun Jian love! The first half recaps the historical account of Sun Jian's life, and the second half is where the fun stuff is. ^_^ Among the Chinese fandom, the Jade Seal is known as the "Chestnut Cake".

YWotYC, I love you and will come back to you soon. I promise. I want to see more Seven + OTP action


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