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More randomness, as promised
Sun Quan smile
Three Kingdoms behind-the-scenes photos:

Lu Bu: "Yo, Zhou Yu. Battle at Shouchun tonight. 7 o'clock sharp. Be there or be square."

Zhou Yu: "Sorry, not this time. If I don't go home for dinner again Xiao Qiao's gonna have my head."

How Zhuge Liang collects military intelligence.

If you can't beat them by being powerful, beat them by looking cool.

Zhao Yun and horse:

When normal arrows can't kill Zhao Yun, they had to upgrade their weapons:

Sun Ce: "Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?"

Sun Quan: "I wonder when they'll ever finish renovating my palace..."

"Go kill Yuan Shao! Go kill Yuan Shao! Go kill Yuan Shao!"

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You made me laugh so hard, you have no idea!

Teeheehee, my work is done.

I love these! The anachronism, hee... I'm not sure which one is my favorite - Liu Bei with sunglasses or ZGL with the camera.

You should share on the forum (unless you already have... I don't get pictures in my e-mails...)

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