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The only Xiao Qiao screenshots you'll get from me
Sun Quan with Sword
As much as I dislike Xiao Qiao in Three Kingdoms 2010 and find her ugly, I did find one scene where she's not entirely hideous but is actually quite cute. Well, enjoy it while it lasts. This is a Chinese historical drama, you know...

Oh, Zhou Yu, you don't know whose line this was, do you...?

And, folks, this is all the Zhou Yu/Xiao Qiao screenshots you'll ever get from me. I much prefer Zhou Yu in slash ships, such as with Lu Meng:

I love this guy.

This scene in Ep 40 is particularly incriminating, hehehe.

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I timed ep 40 before editing eps 28 - 40, so this was my first introduction to Xiao Qiao. I was like, "Oh, she's kind of cute and nice."

Then, after watching back the other eps, it was like... Oh, I was wrong.

I don't know what it is with her makeup. It's not like she's incapable of looking somewhat pretty, or at least not like an ogress.

Fortunately, this is TK, so no female character will stay around for long (except my namesake, who first appears in Ep 34 and lasts until Ep 78).

I saw that quoted and LOLed.

I was all like, "Nooo!! Don't say such ominous things! Death pledges never end well!"

Well, in the 90's series ALL women were ugly. Men too. Lu Bu's face alone, gave me nightmares. And he was described in the novel as a pretty boy, more or less.

LOL, that's true. I don't need my Three Kingdoms to be a pop-idol show, but some of the make-up jobs in the old series were pretty horrendous. The icon pretty boys, Lu Bu and Zhou Yu, were both hideous. I really only liked Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang, and one of the Zhao Yuns. Diaochan was ok, but I really have very little recollection of anyone else. It was a show that I watched religiously and then forgot about promptly after.

Also, this line of thinking reminded me of another WTF moment, Sun Quan's mysterious transformation. One episode he was like pre-teen, and the next moment i was like "Whaaaa ??? Who's that 40-ish looking man with a meter long beard supposed to be ???". There was supposed to be like, 5-7 years between the two events, and apparently he was really ill and aged three times as fast. Heroes mature really early in China, i guess...

Thankfully they didn't try that in the new series. The only comparable WTF moment was when Guan Yu's hair/beard turned white overnight.

Well, that kind of thing actually happens in real life, even with children, so that's fine with me.

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